Rose Gold

Rose gold the 'in' finish of the last few years is, we are happy to report, a fashion trend that's here to stay. Not just a quick fad but (probably because of its super flattering effect) an option a lot of women are turning to again and again when choosing jewellery. 
Rose gold is an alloy of gold to which copper has been added. In appearance, rose gold is warm and pinkish. It looks beautiful on paler skin tones and equally good on tanned skins too. At MaryK we like to think of it having the same effect as a good blusher or lipstick bringing an instant warm glow to the skin. Who doesn't want a warm glow? 
White metals are fresh, minimal and contemporary. Yellow gold is instantly beautifully classic. Rose gold is in between the two being both modern, pretty and extremely feminine. 
Wether you're a mixer - mixing your metals to suit your mood or are a devout white or yellow gold advocate, we challenge you try rose gold the next time you are shopping and see for yourself why it's so loved and, dare we say it, timeless. 

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